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Because it exists in 4 ionic states, Vanadium has been a promising ‘candidate’ for batteries.
We waited for decades but could not find any satisfactory battery.
We investigated Vanadium from a slightly different perspective.
An optimized combination of novel material science, platform technology, and a stabilizing mechanism created a new possibility for Vanadium. We created a battery the world has never seen before.

Vanadium Ion Battery

It’s not a Lithium Ion Battery.
It’s not a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery.
New battery created by Standard Energy
It is Vanadium Ion Battery.

Vanadium Ion Battery
Standard Energy boasts unmatched innovation from material preparation to mass production.

  • Electrode
    GHC electrode technology
  • Separator
    VCR separator technology
  • Current Collector
    CR surface modification technology
  • Vanadium Electrolyte
    Electrolyte reforming technology
High Efficiency96%

High energy efficiency is a prime factor to ensure economical sustainability for large-scale ESSs. The Vanadium Ion Battery offers an energy efficiency of 96%. The energy efficiency remains high even under high power and low temperature conditions. This remarkable efficiency is met thanks to Standard Energy’s highly conductive materials and refining technologies.

Base on our test data
High Power5C

Continuous high power operation is available without an additional cooling system. High-efficiency material technology, unique material stacking configurations, and optimal heat management design enable high power while saving electricity that conventional batteries require for external cooling. Due to high power characteristics, the operation costs can be saved by reducing the battery installation capacity required for each application. Vanadium Ion Battery is perfectly applicable for both short-term and long-term ESS by producing high power and high efficiency.

Base on our test data
Stable Capacity Retention99%

An ultralong battery life is achieved by drastically reducing the capacity decay. All batteries experience capacity decay upon repeated charge and discharge cycles because of irreversibility and undesirable side reactions. Standard Energy developed vanadium reforming technology and surface electrode technology to minimize irreversible side reactions. Combined with unique stabilizing technology, the life of the Vanadium Ion Battery is beyond comparison.

Base on our test data
Zero Ignition Risk0%

Would you use a battery with high performance, but with ignition? No ignition hazard due to Vanadium electrolyte mainly composed of water and a new cell architecture. Vanadium Ion Battery is safe upon overvoltage, overcharge, forced discharge, external short circuit, high temperature exposure, drop, crash, penetration, and even no thermal runaway. The cost of ESS system can be reduced dramatically when there are no inherent safety issues. The safety cannot be compromised for ESS.

Base on our test data

The total test time spans over a century

From lab scale tests to harsh field tests

Fully immersed in battery science,
we have focused hard with uncompromised standards.

Can you feel our devotion toward the Vanadium Ion Battery?

Proudly presenting the Standard Energy Battery Center,
our ground zero.

Burst onto the Battery World Scene

Our first Vanadium Ion Battery mass production line
Here we present the Standard Energy Production Center.

Material processing, battery construction and quality control

  • The production center boasts a full-scale production facility from fundamental material processing to a mass production line.

  • Our innovative production technique does not require aging and preconditioning, thereby increasing production speed four times without negotiating the performance and reliability.

Universal Battery for all Ranges of ESS

Full-range scalability of ESSs from the mAh-class to the massive MWh-class
Seamless compatibility with commercial power systems

  • Safety

  • Scalability

  • Stable Capacity Retention

  • High Power

  • High Efficiency

The Vanadium Ion Battery sets the new battery standard for safe ESS.

Standard Energy is engaged in battery manufacturing and sales, electricity service, R&D service, construction & installation service for each business area above.