Standard Energy

Standard Energy began as a research group led by members from KAIST and MIT, young and full of remarkable potentials.
Today, Standard Energy has grown into a greater family with diverse backgrounds and interests, but with a common vision.

“Every day, even at this very moment, new technologies flourish in our amazingly efficient laboratory and cutting edge factory.
We advance every second, adding depth to novelty.”

Storing More into Less, yet Safer,
The Beginning of High Capacity Battery


  • 2019.03
    Company relocation & business expansion
  • 2018.09
    4th Funding
  • 2016.06
    3rd Funding
  • 2015.10
    2nd Funding
  • 2014.04
    1st Funding
  • 2013.08


Crowd-Funding Competition at Creative Economy and Innovation Festival – 1st Place
Creative Economy Grand Prize, Commendation from the Minister of Science
Distinguished Intellectual Property Award, Commendation from the Minister of Science
Technology Fair, sponsored by Daejeon City and Daejeon Business Agency – Grand Prize (1st Place)

Less Plants, More Plants